Engineered for flight.

Designed for life.

our story

Flying is a very demanding environment for optimal sunglasses design. Building on years of experience in aviation ophthalmology, we engineered a product perfect for top-performance users. Merging excellent optics with an elegant and robust design, we focused on achieving exceptional functionality, maximum protection and very high durability. The result is precision eyewear selected by professionals.


pitts pilot sunglasses

Ultra light sunglasses for flyers

Pitts Pilot



optimised for top performance

  • anti glare


    Trivex (NXT) lenses provide 100% protection from harmful UV light. Lighter and tougher, and highly resistant to scratches and breakage. Reduces fatigue and increases comfort by reducing glare.

  • grey tint


    Gray tint specifically selected for optimal balance of controlling light while preserving true colours.

  • lens


    Lenses designed to eliminate distortions in perception of movement and motion. Provides excellent peripheral vision. Eliminates interference patterns and provides accurate viewing of LCD displays.

  • made from titanium

    Titanium Frame

    Ultra-light beta titanium frames weighing only 16g. Minimises unwanted movements under "G" forces. Anti-loosening locking hinge-screws designed for high-vibration environments.

  • flat arms

    Flat-sided Arms

    Flat side-arms with silicon seals provide optimal performance and maximum comfort with headphones and headsets.

  • thin frame

    Thin Frame

    Frame design minimises distortion and contributes to excellent peripheral vision.

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